2024 Enrolment Information
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Welcome to the Rosehill College enrolment process. For all enrolment inquiries, kindly direct your emails to enrolments@rosehillcollege.school.nz.

In Zone Enrolments

In zone enrolments are to be completed online, please click on the button below to begin the online enrolment.

Information sheets are available from Reception between 8.00am and 4.00pm.


All students who live within the Rosehill College zone are entitled to enrol at the college. You can check to see if you are in zone for Rosehill College zone, by entering your address into the Education Counts site.

Our vision for our students/ākonga is to provide a learning community that reflects, respects, and nurtures their aspirations, identities, and overall well-being.

To initiate the enrolment process, please ensure that the parent or legal guardian of the child completes the application. Proof of the student’s permanent address, along with that of the parent or legal guardian, must be submitted before we can proceed with processing the enrolment application.

Upon completion of the comprehensive online application and the successful verification of all documents, you will receive a link to finalize the online Course Selection. While enrolment processing may take some time, you can preview our Year 9 Course Information prior to receiving the course selection link. Additionally, courses for other year levels can be explored under Learning on our website.


We recommend completing this application on a desktop computer or laptop.

Download the required forms (which can be filled out electronically using a Microsoft Edge browser or Adobe Acrobat for Drive). Save the completed forms as they will be uploaded to the ‘Attachments’ section later in this application.

Alternatively, printed copies can be submitted to the school office.

  1.  Student Health Record
  2.  In Zone Enrolment Questionnaire – In zone applicants
  3.  Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) Consent Form – This form must be physically signed. Signed forms can be scanned and uploaded with your enrolment application.
  4.  School-wide Rules – This form must be physically signed. Signed forms can be scanned and uploaded with your enrolment application.


To facilitate the processing of enrolment applications, we kindly request a photo/scan/ digital copy of the entire file for the following documents (preferably in PDF format for document).

  • Birth Certificate of the student OR the identification page of their current passport. AND the student’s Visa, showing the type of the visa and expiry date if your child is not a New Zealand citizen.
  • Legal documents: Any legal documents (e.g. Guardianship/ Parenting Order/ Custody Order/ Protection Order) if applicable.
  • Proof of Address: TWO different documents, each with the caregiver’s name, supply address or rating unit where the student lives, and with the most recent date.

(1) Tenancy Agreement OR Council Rates bill
(2) Electricity bill OR Water bill

  • The student’s last school report
  • Immunisation Certificate (e.g. Measles – available from your Doctor)

Naming documents for upload – All documents should be .pdf or .png or .jpg files and named appropriately. Please use the student’s last name, then first name followed by the name of the document, e.g. a health record form document for student ‘John Smith’ would be: Smith, John Health Record.pdf.


If you are In Zone, your child’s enrolment will be confirmed promptly upon the completion and verification of the enrolment process. Please note that processing may take some time after all required documents have been provided. For Year 9 students, a link to select courses for 2024 will be sent via email once your enrolment has been processed. For students in other year levels, kindly schedule a subject selection interview with one of the Deputy Principals.

Out of Zone Enrolments
Out-of-zone enrolments have concluded as of Wednesday, August 30, 2023.
Last edited on 20 December 2023