A casual vacancy has occurred on the Rosehill College Board for an elected parent member.

The Board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection.

If 10% or more of eligible voters on the Rosehill College roll ask the Board, within 28 days of this notice being published (2/11/2023), to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

To find out more about becoming a Board member goto – NZSTA

Request for a by-election should be sent by 30 November 2023 to:

Janet Herst
Rosehill College Board Secretary

Ngā manaakitanga
Dr Deanna Johnston
Presiding Member

The Rosehill College Board

Established under the Education Act 2020, the Board is the controlling authority of the school. The Board has responsibility for:

  1. Control and management of the school.
  2. Appointment and suspension of teachers and other staff.
  3. Maintenance of grounds, buildings services and equipment.
  4. Expenditure of the finance allocated to the school by way of bulk funding.
  5. Suspension and exclusion of pupils.

The constitution of the Board provides for:

  • 5 members by parents of the College pupils.
  • 1 member elected by staff.
  • 1 member elected by students.
  • Up to 4 members who may be co-opted onto the Board.
  • The Board elects a Presiding Member and Deputy Presiding Member from amongst its own members.

Any correspondence can be emailed to board@rosehillcollege.school.nz

Meeting dates for 2023

Wednesday 25 January
Wednesday 22 February
Wednesday 29 March
Wednesday 5 April
Wednesday 24 May
Wednesday 28 June
Wednesday 12 July
Wednesday 30 August
Wednesday 27 September
Wednesday 25 October
Wednesday 29 November

To view minutes of a Board Meeting please contact the school office.

Board Members:

Baz Bristow
Larissa Denton
DJ Govender
Janet Herst – Minute Secretary
Dr Deanna Johnston – Presiding Member
Claire Knapp
Tui Matelau
Shreshaa Guhan – Student Representative
Janine Sorensen – Staff Representative
Davida Suasua – Principal
Harley Wade

Rosehill College Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 2022

Redacted Rosehill College Annual Report 2022