It is already half way through my leadership term as one of the international student leaders at Rosehill College in New Zealand and I have matured and grown a lot this year because of the many varied experiences and opportunities this role has given me. I can definitely say that my leadership experience has transformed me into a more responsible person. I have become more confident, voicing my opinions and standing up for what I believe in.

The most exciting thing I have done this year was attending The 2013 National Young Leaders day as an international student leader. I had the chance to communicate with student leaders from over 100 high schools. The speakers also taught us how to communicate and work with other members at school. I think one of the most important lessons I have learnt is to not be afraid to take chances, or of being unsuccessful, but instead give everything a go.

Thanks to Mrs Henwood, Mrs Blackburn and the other international students leader, Haruyasu for being so easy to work with. I will remind myself to ‘dream big’! I can keep moving in the direction of my aspirations by the decisions that I make every day.

Jack Sun – International Student Leader 2013


My name is Haruyasu Ogawa. I come from Japan and I have had great experience being the international student leader for 2013 at Rosehill College.
I first came to New Zealand almost two years ago to learn English and to experience school life in this country. And, I also wanted to improve my performing skills for my future. I have decided to do various activity since before I came to New Zealand. Therefore, I took part in the school production for two years running. Moreover, I got the opportunity to attend the leadership camp as international student leader at the beginning of the year. I got a lot of wonderful opportunity for about two years. I was able to see important friends and teachers through those opportunities.
All of my experience has been an unforgettable time. I want to thank many people. Anyway, from my experience, I thought that you should not are afraid of changing your life if you dream come true. At least I was glad to come to New Zealand though I changed my life in Japan because I wanted to see different world. I was correct that I lived my school life at Rosehill College and it is not useless all of my experience. Although I am going to leave New Zealand in this year, I remember that New Zealand is my second home country forever.
Only live once… I wish everyone live life without regret.
All you’re best!!

Haruyasu Ogawa International Student Leader 2013


My name is Han Nguyen. I come from Vietnam and I am very proud to be one of the International student leaders at Rosehill College in 2011.

It has been such a hard time for me since I first came here in 2009, knowing nothing about New Zealand, its culture or its people. The language barrier also added more into my frustration and homesickness. But then I realised I was given a great opportunity to experience and learn new things. I have made new friends; I have tried my best in studying and adapting to my new life.

So if somebody asks me “Have you ever regretted coming to New Zealand?” My answer will always be “No definitely not”. You never know what will happen until you give it a go. That is what I learned from my two years studying at Rosehill College.

South Korea

My name is Oscar Go and I am one of the International Student Leaders for 2011 at Rosehill College. I am from South Korea and I have been attending Rosehill College for about 3 years.
This year has been the busiest and toughest year of my high school life because I am in my final year. However, it has been an amazing experience as I have met a lot of new people, have lots of opportunities to speak publicly and it has been a challenging journey filled with lots of fun.

The best experience of this year was a trip to the Miranda Hot Spring with the other international students. It is an unforgettable experience because I had a great chance to interact with many students whom I do not talk to. Being an international student leader has given me lots of confidence to carry out various tasks and many opportunities to hone my leadership skills.

This fulfilling experience at Rosehill College has certainly enriched my life as a growing young adult.
I will greatly miss my time spent here at Rosehill College.


My name is Marcel Derkum. I come from Germany and I have had lots of fun being the International Student Leader for 2012 at Rosehill College. I first came to New Zealand as an exchange student almost 2 and half years ago to experience the kiwi lifestyle and to learn English. But my stay here in New Zealand became a lot more than just an experience. I enjoyed being at Rosehill College and I decided to stay as an international student after my year-exchange. It was a hard decision because it meant that I would not be able to see my family and my friends from Germany for another 18 months. I do miss them a lot but sometimes in life we need to do some things we might not like in order to take a step forward in our lives. And that is what I did. I finished my school here at Rosehill College because of the great opportunities the school could offer me and I need to say that I did not regret coming and staying in New Zealand at all. I was able to choose all the subjects that I wanted and that I needed for my future study and also as the international leader I got the opportunity to attend the leadership camp at the beginning of the year 2012. This year has been fantastic. As the international student leader I got the chance to talk to many other students from all around the world and I was able to make friends with other students – both kiwis and other international students.
Now my time here at Rosehill College is over but I know that one day I will return to New Zealand.