Paying Fees

Payment of fees can be made at the Cashier’s office by cash, cheque or EFTPOS from Monday to Friday 8 am to 3 pm, OR by internet banking. The Cashier is located in the Administration block opposite the Student Office.


Internet Banking Details

Our ASB bank account number is 12-3031-0837472-00 and account name is Rosehill College BOT. Please include the student’s name, student ID number and the description of the fees being paid in the bank reference.

School Donations

Rosehill College has joined the Government School Donations Scheme for 2022 and we will not be asking for a school activity donation or donations towards costs in 2022.

You can make a voluntary donation to Rosehill College at any time and if you choose to do this, GST is not payable on the donation and you can claim tax credit.

Sports Fees

Rosehill College offers a wide variety of sports and if your student is participating in a sports team there will be fees payable as these are extra-curricular activities. Sports  Fees will be advised by the Sports Department as teams are selected and events are organised throughout the year.

Year 10 Camp

As part of the school curriculum Year 10 students attend a three day camp at Waharau Outdoor Education Centre. Contributions towards the cost of accommodation, food and transport for the camp will be requested.


Additional Information
If you require any additional information please contact the accounts department on 09 295 0661 extension 826.

Thank you for supporting Rosehill College.