The House System:

Every student is placed in one of six school Houses on his/her arrival at the College. Each House has thirteen tutor classes organised “vertically”, with about 25 students from Years 9, 10 ,11, 12, 13 & 14 in the same group each year.

ATAWHAI Mr Steve Williams Ext 808
KAHURANGI Ms Desna Mackay Ext 807
MANUTAKI Mrs Kelly Kokohu Ext 835
POUNAMU Mr Howard Aitchison Ext 834
RANGATAHI Ms Janine Sorensen Ext 833
TAIKURA Mrs Chloe Leith-Bringans Ext 806
The tutor groups operate in the concept of ‘family’ units for students and as such are a vital element of our school community. The tutor group teacher has care of the same group each year with an annual cycle of Year 9s arriving from partner schools and seniors leaving for higher education and employment. The tutor group teacher develops a comprehensive understanding of their students both as people and as students. Academic coaching takes place in tutor groups.

The same principle is applied to the House. Once placed in a House, a student generally stays in that same House for his/her entire time at the College. In this way the Head of House also is likely to develop a sound knowledge of each student.

It is this “schools within a school” approach which we believe provides students with a sense of identity and pride, and at the same time enables staff to carefully monitor academic and personal progress. Apart from this very important function, the House System also provides the opportunity for some competitive, good natured inter-house sporting and recreational activities.

School and House Badges – Application Forms and Criteria

Criteria For Academic Badges – All Levels (2019)
Academic Badge Application All Levels (2019)

Sports Badge Criteria
Sports Badge Application