The college curriculum promotes student learning. The choice of programmes appropriately provides for a diverse range of interests and abilities. Varied pathways assist students to develop their academic potential relevant to aspirations.

Strategies to enhance the academic culture of the junior school are firmly established. These include sound induction, student goal setting, tutor coaching and careers units. Processes continue through to senior school.

A well organised and strong schoolwide campaign to encourage students to attain 15+ credits in each subject area has contributed to improved results. In 2011 the campaign was extended to include a focus on achievement at merit and excellence levels.

Well-established networks support student well-being. A vertical house and tutor group system is in place to foster relationship building and knowledge of individuals as they progress through the school. An effective student support department includes counsellors and well considered pastoral care. Learners are offered a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting curriculum choices.

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