Year 12 and Year 13 (NCEA, Scholarship and national certificate candidates)

Year 12 and Year 13 students study 5 curriculum pathway subjects for the whole year. Students select their pathway subjects to align with their careers planning and match their ambitions for their futures.

Year 12s and Year 13s usually aim to achieve Level 2 and Level 3 of NCEA. Some pathways lead toward other national certificates or New Zealand Scholarship.

It is highly recommended that Year 12 students study an English pathway subject. Exceptions may be made for individual students.

All Year 13 curriculum pathway subjects have entry requirements to ensure that students are ready and can sustain their learning.

Please refer to our NCEA, Scholarship and National Certificate Course Information for more detail.


Year 9

The curriculum studied by Year 9s attending Rosehill College is designed to promote a broad and balanced education across all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, with a focus on developing the ability to apply key literacy and numeracy skills in diverse contexts. Each semester (half-year), Year 9s will be engaged in the Manaakitia Mai programme, Mathematics curriculum pathway learning and 6 other curriculum pathway subjects. Year 9 students aim to achieve the Rosehill College Year 9 Diploma

Year 9 CurriculumAll Year 9 students have a full-year of the following:

Manaakitia Mai: This programme is run in a smaller group than average class sizes. All students learn foundational Literacy and Numeracy skills. Students also undertake important Health learning, Digital Citizenship training, and the development of key competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum.

Mathematics: This course is specifically focused on necessary skills within the Mathematics learning area. Over two years, students will gain the underpinning knowledge to carry on with Mathematics learning at the senior secondary level.

All Year 9 students study half-a-year (minimum) from the following curriculum learning areas

The Arts, English, Hauora (Health), Physical Education, Languages, Social Sciences, Technology and Science

All Year 9 students also study half-a-year of:

Tikanga-ā-kura: This course is undertaken to build understanding of the values of Rosehill College through a Te Ao Māori lens. Students engage in the school’s heritage, make connections and build a sense of pride in who they are.

In addition, all Year 9 students have a free choice of three half-a-year curriculum courses that allow them to explore and extend their interests and skills. Please refer to the Year 9 Course Information for more detail.


Year 10

The curriculum studied by Year 10 students attending Rosehill College is very similar to Year 9, but it offers increased academic challenge.

Year 10 students have more choice regarding which Sciences and Social Sciences courses they’re most interested in.

The aim for all Year 10 students is to have confidence and be able to meet the NCEA literacy and numeracy co-requisite requirements. Year 10 students aim to achieve the Rosehill College Year 10 Diploma.

Please refer to the Year 10 Course Information for more detail.


Year 11

Year 11 is a time of transition from junior to senior secondary schooling. Year 11s study a full year of Mathematics, English and Science. Year 11 students aim to achieve the Rosehill College Year 11 Diploma and prepare for NCEA Level 2.

Year 11s are often still discovering their talents and interests, so we provide flexibility and choice regarding their curriculum pathway subjects.

Year 11 students will undertake the equivalent of four half-a-year pathway subjects. This may be in the structure of two year-long subjects, one year-long subject and two half-year subjects, or four half-year subjects.

Please refer to our Year 11 Course Information for more detail.