Reporting a Student Absence?


OPTION ONE: mobile app via the Rosehill app (Click here to download the app)
OPTION TWO: free call 0800 RCAWAY     (0800 722929)


Our staff use the Electronic Attendance Register (eAR) which allows real-time tracking of student attendance. That data is fed to our parents through Early Notification which will send a text message to parents of students whose non-attendance is unexplained. Student attendance is also displayed on the web portal which is accessible (password protected) 24/7.

Procedures for Parents

If your student is absent from school, please phone the Attendance Officer on 295 0661 Ext 869  or 0800 RCAWAY  (0800 722 929) at any time and leave a message.

If you receive a text message notifying of an absence:

  • Please reply to the text
  • OR phone our Attendance Officer
  • OR provide a note explaining the student’s absence

If a student needs to leave school during the day:

  • Please provide a note for your student to take to their Head of House at the start of day.
  • The student will obtain an ‘Exit Permit’ which they present at the Student Office before they leave the school grounds.

If a student is unwell at school

  • The student should go to the nurse with permission of the teacher.
  • Students are not permitted to privately contact their parents and leave the school grounds without clearance from school staff.

If a student arrives late to Period 1 or Period 2 on Tuesdays

  • The student must go straight to their class to sign in late and provide a note to their Manaakitia Mai Teacher
  • If the student is late to school after period 1 – the student must sign in at the Student Office and provide a note from the parent/caregiver advising the reason for being late
  • OR the parent/caregiver should phone the Attendance Officer and leave a message

Year 9 – 12 students may not leave the school grounds without permission. We need to know where students are at all times.

Long Term Absence 

Long Term Absence – Self Interest Leave of more than four days

If the student will be absent during term time for an extended period – please advise date of absence, return date and reason for absence by one of the following methods:

  • Phone the Attendance Officer on 295 0661 ext 869 or 0800 722 929;   or
  • Send letter addressed to Principal, Rosehill College, P.O. Box 72546, Papakura, 2244;  or
  • Email  –
    Last edited on 7 March 2024