Rosehill College recognises that digital devices provide access to services and content vitally connected to the New Zealand Curriculum. To offer students this connection to learning materials each student is provided a school Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. All user accounts are web-filtered and email content can also be scrutinised if required.

To use the school network and associated internet services, each student and family on enrolment is required to read and sign the Rosehill College Cyber Safety agreement. The basic terms of the agreement are captured below:

  • Student use of digital devices of any kind for learning is always under the direction of the teacher.
  • The use of school computers, the school computer network and the school internet service is for school- related material only.
  • For teaching and learning purposes, teaching staff are granted network permission to access the account of each student.
  • Students must not access, e-mail, copy, store, print, scan or display material which is offensive or illegal.
  • Computer accounts will be disabled and students’ access to the computer network may be removed with families being informed for any abuse of these above guidelines.
  • As parents you may want to be able to assist your child to learn more about safety on the internet. the following is a link that puts together 120 tools and tips that will help you protect your children while they are online.
Rosehill College strongly advises parents to have at least a basic understanding of ‘cybersafety’ issues. Netsafe is an NZ organisation dedicated to protecting and educating regarding cybersafety and viewing their site is recommended.