International Tuition and Other Fees

2024 Tuition and Fees

  • Administration fee $950 (Non-refundable)
  • 2024 Tuition $14,600 overs school tuition, the loan of text books, orientation programme for new students
  • Travel insurance (per year) $650
  • Subject fees (excludes Outdoor Education) $85

Additional Costs

  • Uniform (approximately) $450
  • Chromebook package (approximately)  $500
  • NCEA exam fees (Years 11-13) $383

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International Student Fees 2024 – Full Year                          

International Student Fees 2024 – 1 Term

International Student Fees 2025 – Full Year

International Student Fees 2025 – 1 Term

Conditions for Refund of International Tuition Fees

1.All refunds are at the discretion of the Board, which is the governing body of the school. If students withdraw from a course of study before the course completion date, they may NOT be eligible for a refund of school fees. The student’s parents or legal guardian for the refund of the fees must apply in writing to the Board, explaining why the student has withdrawn from the course of study and the reasons for seeking a refund. However, the school’s decision is final.

2. Fees will be refunded ONLY for the following situations:

  • If the application is made before the start of the course, fees will be refunded but less the Registration Fee to cover costs incurred by the school.
  • If the application is made after the start of the course, but less than two terms of the course, the tuition fee may be refunded less the following charges:
  • Annual Resource Fee (One term of tuition fee):
  • To cover the costs already committed for the duration of the course, including salaries of teachers and support staff, and the costs already incurred for the use of facilities and resources.
  • The proportion of the Government Levy the school is required to pay.
  • Two terms of tuition fee
  • Exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Board of Trustees which may include personal/family circumstances.

3. There is NO REFUND for the following situations:

  • If the student enrolled in the course for less than two terms.
  • If the student has attended the course for more than two terms.
  • If the student changed visa status to one which entitles them to regular/domestic student status during the year of study.
  • If the student return home for any reason other than the student’s serious illness or the death or serious illness of a close member of the student’s family (written evidence required).
  • If the student is asked to leave the school by the Board of Trustees, as a result of violation of the school or accommodation rules.
  • If the student transfers to another school for whatever reason.