Student Support is the department at Rosehill College dedicated to the welfare of students. It is staffed by three full-time counsellors, two full-time nurses and a Kaimanaaki (Māori support)

Our three experienced counsellors (Dr Elahe Khaleghian, Ms Phillipa MacCormick and Miss Paula Alontave) are full members of New Zealand Association of Counsellors, receiving regular supervision of their work. They have contact with a wide range of agencies who can also assist with more complicated issues for students.

Our registered nurse, Mrs Serena Li, attend to emergencies, general illness and chronic illnesses. Parents are advised to keep their children at home if they are significantly unwell.

Our Kaimanaaki (Whāea Pare Matthews) provides general support to Māori students and their whānau. The role of our Kaimanaaki is to provide support that allows Māori students to succeed to their potential.

Making Appointments to See Staff at Student Support
Students can ‘drop-in’ during break times and may be able to find the person they are wanting to talk to. It is probably best for students to fill in an appointment slip with their details – the counsellor, Kaimanaaki or nurse will send for him/her using a runner.

Programmes and Groups
There are always speciality support groups running for students. Students should drop in to Student Support to check or just keep an eye on the Daily Notices.

Peer Support Programme
Dr Khaleghian runs this programme with the support of teaching staff and 100-200 Student Advisors. Student Advisors are trustworthy and friendly seniors from each House who train for two days during the summer holidays. Once trained, the Student Advisors support Year 9s on their first day at school, for all of Term One and beyond.

Here are some resources that may help:
For depression: and
Drinking and drugs out of control?