Rosehill College Home Zone


All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

Ministry of Education find a school zone maps.

  • Waiata Shores.
  • Conifer Grove.
  • Starting at the Takanini Motorway Interchange on State Highway 1 South of the railway line.
  • Spartan Road addresses 1-17 only included
  • Manuroa Road addresses 15 and below only included,
  • Taka Street addresses 16 and below only included.
  • Walters Road addresses 20 and below only included.
  • Onslow Road addresses 11 and below only included.
  • Settlement Road odd addresses 31 and below and even addresses 22 and below only included.
  • Boundary Road addresses 60 and below only included.
  • Opaheke Road and Walker Road included.
  • Ponga Road – addresses 2011 and below including, Coal Mine Road, Kauri View Road, Judge Richardson Drive and McEntee Road.
  • From address 2011 Ponga Road, the zone travels south, across country, to the intersection of Ararimu Road addresses 825 and below included.
  • Turner Road, Fausett Road, Maxted Road and Matthew Whitford Drive included.
  • Dunn Road excluded.
  • Steel Road included.
  • Dale Road, Hillview Road addresses 151 and below included.
  • Maher Road included.
  • Continue west along Ararimu Road to Great South Road. The zone travels south down Great South Road addresses 1746 and below included.
  • Flay Road, Ambush Road, Helland Drive and Ingram Road included to Kern Road..
  • Kern Road to Runciman Road Old Coach Way, Patrick Lane and Coulston Road included.
  • Runciman Road – (addresses 377 and above included and Norfolk King Drive excluded) to Tuhimata Road (address 479 included only)
  • Burtt Road to intersection with Needham Road – from 155 Burtt Road onwards.
  • Solitaire Lane, Cheriton Lane and McPherson Road included.
  • Travel north east along Burtt Road, and continue east along Pitt Road to Great South Road, North West to Great South Road to State Highway 22 (SH22).
  • Follow SH22 (addresses 741 Karaka Road (SH22) and below included, off roads included) west to Glenbrook Road (Gellert Road Included)
  • Glenbrook Road – addresses 891 and below included.
  • Kingseat Road even addresses 342 and above only and odd addresses 339 and above only included
  • Pearson Road, Cuff Road and Ostrich Road (excluded) to Blomfield Lane (included).
  • From Blomfield Lane, travel west to the Taihiki River, all of Waiau Pa and Clarks Beach included.
  • Continue following the coastline east towards the Manukau from the Manukau Harbour, follow the Papakura Stream inland across Great South Road to include the former Manukau Golf Course (Waiata Shores included).

All residential addresses on included sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

If you are unsure if your property falls within the Rosehill College zone please contact our Enrolment Officer at or by phone 295 0661 ext 800.

Last edited on 20 July 2023