Parents are as much a part of our community as our students. Parents should feel to contact the school if they are concerned or confused about issues affecting their child.

For lesser issues such as forewarning the school about impending absences, contacting your child’s Tutor Group teacher will be ideal.
For more serious issues such as concerns about bullying, contacting the Head of House is more appropriate.

Reports are currently issued at the end of Term One, Term Two and Term Four. They will be available both in hard-copy (given to the student at the end of term) or as downloadable files from the school web-portal.

Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings
These meetings are held at the start of Term Two and near the middle of Term Three – please keep an eye on the weekly newsletters for details on exact dates.

Some Useful Downloads and Links
Raising teenagers can be challenging at times and guides have been created to help you. The following parent guide has been offered by Kings College for other schools to share.
Parents Guide.pdf

Parents often have questions about how to best assist their children to be safe online. Please go to the excellent NetSafe (NZ) site:

Rosehill College is a KidsLink School.

Kidslink connects schools and families with professional services for children and teens.