Gifted Education (GE)

Rosehill College recognises that our student population is a diverse group. An enriched learning environment is the right of all students and is essential for the development of gifts and talents. We offer a range of approaches including : advanced courses, acceleration of content delivery, involvement in subject competitions (eg Mathex, NSW Science; Future Problem Solving National competition), visiting speakers (eg on goal setting and motivation and philosophy, the development of effective learning strategies and a focus on achieving excellence).

The school’s high ability students at senior level are encouraged to achieve academic excellence and to sit NZQA Scholarship examinations. Depending on the subject area, enrolment in university papers for extension is also available. The College defines gifted as encompassing many areas of learning including intellectual, physical, creative, spiritual and leadership domains. The Identification of our gifted students is inclusive and on-going using a multi-method approach. These include, but are not limited to, teacher observation using characteristic checklists or observation scales, questionnaires, standardised tests (eg asTTle), parent referral, peer referral and self referral. The most common identification approach used is teacher observation and nomination.

An elite sport programme is also offered by the College and there are many opportunities for involvement in the visual arts, drama, music and Kapa Haka performances. Learn more about Gifted Education at Rosehill College