There is much to learn about life, about others and about yourself by getting into New Zealand’s great outdoors.

Rosehill College has a rich history of Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) and is fortunate to have ongoing access to the Waharau Outdoor Education Centre camp in the beautiful Hunua Ranges.

Camps are run annually for all Year 10s, under the leadership of Year 12s and many students declare these camps to be among their highlights of Rosehill College life.

Beyond the Year 10 camps, there are multitude of EOTC experiences for students of all skill and confidence levels.


Year 10 Camp Information

Below are the Year 10 Camp forms, each student will need to have completed:

  • (House) Parental Consent
  • EOTC Health Profile form

For your information there are also the following:

Atawhai Parental Consent

Kahurangi Parental Consent

Manutaki Parental Consent

Pounamu Parental Consent

Rangatahi Parental Consent

Taikura Parental Consent

EOTC Health Profile
Year 10 Camp 2022 Letter
Gear List 2022