Te Ara Moemoeā / Careers Expo and Subject Selections, Thursday August 3rd, 1pm-6pm

This combined event is a key part of subject selection and pathways planning  for all ākonga. Tutor Group teachers, Heads of House and subject teachers are already having conversations with students to help them make decisions about their subject selections and futures pathways.

The Careers Expo – there will be tertiary providers and a variety of displays for pathways options available from 1pm-6pm in the Rosehill College Hall. This will be open to the public from 1 pm-3:30pm and from 4pm-6pm. 

We have a different day structure where there will be two lessons in the afternoon from 1:20-3:20. Classes will be required to attend the Careers Expo in the Hall and the Year 9 to Year 12 classes will have different activities to complete whilst there. 

  • Year 9 classes will go to the Hall from 1:20-1:50
  • Year 10 classes will go to the Hall from 1:50-2:20
  • Year 11 classes will go to the Hall from 2:20-2:50 
  • Year 12 classes will go to the Hall from 2:50-3:20

Year 13s are encouraged to visit the Hall from 1pm, during an afternoon study, or (if they do not have an internal assessment) request permission from their teacher to attend.

Subject Selections in the Library from 4pm until 6pm there will be displays regarding subject choices in 2024. Heads of Faculty and Heads of Department will be available to support students and their families to make sound decisions about their futures. Mrs McConchie will be available in the Careers area.