Sometime in mid January, the school will be making upgrades to student network accounts (their Google accounts). The intention is to make each student uniquely identifiable (we often have two students with the same firstname/lastname), and to simplify the address for students.
The changes are:
o    students login name will be their ID number. Their password will be unchanged.
o    the domain for students will change from to

For students using a Chromebook or logging in from outside school, their Google school email address will be

For example:
            2014      john.smith@student.rosehillcollege,
Despite the changes to the account email addresses, all the emails, folders, files, sites (and so on) attached to the 2014 address will be linked to the 2015 address.
Despite these changes, each student will still be easy to send email to – through the use of ‘aliases’. This means that a common name (such as John Smith) will be linked to the new address. People will not need to know the ID number but will be able to send to the familiar name.
We thank students for their patience in these necessary changes – we hope that the disruption will be at a minimum.