As the College upgrades its IT infrastructure in 2023, the use of Chromebook Management Licenses will become redundant. Management Licenses are currently active on devices for Chromebook users from Year 10 to Year 13. These licenses will be deactivated at 2pm on Thursday the 23rd of February.

Chromebook users are hereby notified that deactivation will remotely reset devices on the College network/s to factory settings. This means any files not stored in the cloud, or on an external storage device, will be wiped from Chromebooks. It also means that if a user is absent on Thursday the 23rd of February, the device will reset remotely as soon as it is connected to the internet.

All Chromebook users should ensure any data stored directly on their devices is backed-up to an alternate storage location or removed before Thursday the 23rd of February.

Students are advised to see the technician if they require any advice about this process before next Thursday or email our Director of IT