Kendall Elise (Kendall Todd) was a student at Rosehill College from 2001 – 2005 and she was always a big part of the Music department. She was a singer on our 2003 North Island Music Tour; sang in the Jazz Ensemble; had her winning song Spring recorded as part of the Play It Strange Music competition in 2005 and also had a leading role in our school musical, Little Shop of Horrors in 2005.

It has just recently been announced that Kendall, with her album Red Earth, is one of 3 finalists for this prestigious award!

According to Scoop: (

“In 2016, Kendall Elise launched her solo career with the debut single ‘Heart Full of Dirt’, which paved the way for the Kiwi singer-songwriter’s self-produced debut EP ‘I Didn’t Stand A Chance’, released in March 2017. This first release saw her selected as a finalist for the APRA Best Country Music Song in 2017.

After recording at Neil Finn’s famed Roundhead Studios, Kendall released her Kickstarter funded debut album “Red Earth” in May 2019. A deeply introspective album of intricate storytelling brought to life with evocative instrumentation; meaningful lyricism and a golden voice.”


No matter what the outcome, Kendall is a talented singer who deserves a place in the Music Industry, and she will always be in the Rosehill College Music Department hall of fame…….