Use of Non-learning Digital Devices
(cell phones, ear pods, speakers and similar external devices)

The Rosehill College Board has approved the reviewed policy around the use of digital devices in school (2023). The policy states that non-learning digital devices are not to be used at Rosehill College between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm.
Students may have these devices stored in your bags but they are not to be brought out during the school day (this includes break times).

Non-learning digital devices that are brought out can be confiscated. If you have such a device out in class or around school, the teacher or duty staff will ask you to put the device away. If the device is produced again, a Head of House or Deputy Principal will be called to collect the student and the device.

The device will be confiscated and an email will be sent to the caregiver/s of the student that will inform them that the device can be collected by them on Fridays between 3:30pm and 3:45pm at the Student Office.

Continued misuse of non-learning devices may lead to other disciplinary action.