With the winter sports season now in full swing, it’s time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our teams. Here are the results from the past week’s games:


  • Open A Boys lost 45-57 against Aorere
  • Open A Girls lost 28-31 against Sancta Maria
  • U17A Boys won 79-34 against De La Salle U17
  • Senior Boys B won 48-36 against TKM Nga Tapuwae Taikaha
  • Junior Girls won 18-15 against Mcauley
  • Junior Boys Rebels won 50-15 against De La Salle B
  • Junior Boys Bulls lost 35-35 (2-1 OT) against Sancta Maria B
  • Junior Boys Rockets lost 49-19 against James Cook


  • Premier Girls won 22-18 against Kings Premier 2
  • 10A won 25-23 against Pakuranga
  • 9A won 22-18 against Auckland Girls Grammar B
  • Development lost 29-18 against Onewhero Area School
  • 10 Red lost 37-5 against Alfriston
  • 10 Blue lost 2-51 against Pukekohe
  • 9 Red won 22-11 against James Cook Puutake
  • 9 Blue lost 7-13 against James Cook B


  • 1st XV Boys won 59-0 against Pukekohe XVA
  • U14 drew 12-12 against Botany Downs


  • 1st XI Boys drew 1-1 against Lynfield
  • 1st XI Girls drew 2-2 against Howick


As we head into another exciting week, let’s continue to support and encourage our teams. Remember, whether we win or lose, what matters most is the effort and sportsmanship we bring to the game. To those who emerged victorious, keep up the fantastic work! And to those who faced setbacks, don’t lose heart—keep pushing, keep training, and your time to shine will come. Good luck to our Girls Rugby team playing their first round against Howick today, and to all our football teams playing their first games this week. Let’s show them what we’re made of!